Effective Restorative Justice (RJ) practices require that everyone sitting in the circle—adult and child alike—have a strong set of SEL skills from which to draw. In order for these circles to be effective when they’re needed, students and adults must have already developed and practiced these skills. . Regular practice sitting in a circle having a conversation where everyone is invited and expected to participate will build the skills both adults and youth need to effectively engage in restorative practices, and effective mediation. In this session, we will review what skills both teachers and students need to participate in these types of discussions. Youth Communication staff will share story- and discussion-based resources that can be useful for building adults’ skills of stepping back and facilitating a student-centered discussion, as well as students’ skills of communicating effectively about their experiences and actively listening to their peers.

This workshop is free for principals and school leaders. It is one of three workshops offered in Youth Communication’s “Sunny-Side Up: Strengths-Based Teen Stories to Support School Climate” series.