Indianapolis Public Schools has redefined several top central office jobs, meaning some administrators will have to reapply if they want to stay with the district.

Superintendent Lewis Ferebee, who could not be reached for comment Monday, said on Twitter the moves were the first step of his plan to reorganize IPS.

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 7.28.52 PM
IPS Superintendent Lewis Ferebee

“New beginnings… Our 1st phase of reorganization to become more effective and efficient,” he wrote in a tweet Friday, when the district announced the plan on its website.

The new positions are student services director, innovation and transformation director, federal and special programs director, curriculum officer and three academic improvement officers.

The new administrators will report to Deputy Superintendent Wanda Legrand, Ferebee’s former colleague in Greensboro, N.C., who followed him to Indianapolis. IPS did not identify which employees would have to reapply. All the new positions will be open to external as well as internal candidates.

Ferebee, who is an active tweeter under the Twitter handle @FerebeeIPS, raised eyebrows last month when he tweeted about the central office.

“Our central services department is not an adult employment agency for those who were unsuccessful employees in our schools,” he tweeted.

Making IPS more efficient is one of the goals of Ferebee’s 100-day entry plan. During his first three months, Ferebee has embarked on a listening tour that has included visiting schools and meeting with students, parents and community groups. The effort is aimed at identifying the district’s “challenges and opportunities.”

Ferebee has said he will create a strategic planning framework for IPS by his 100th day of work on Feb. 28.