Look no further for your guide to the most important education issues in Indiana.

Starting Monday, Chalkbeat will add to our collection of 15 guides to the most contentious, complicated or important education topics here with four new “basics” posts.

You’ll learn about Gov. Mike Pence’s struggle for control in education policy, why the Marion County township school districts matter but often are overlooked, Indiana’s waiver from the federal No Child Left Behind law and the struggles that face the state’s growing population of English language learners.

Check back each day next week for the following stories. (We’ll make these live links when we publish the stories each day.)

And on Friday… we’ll see if you’ve been paying attention.

Now’s a great time to follow these links to refresh yourself on the topics we’ve already written about. In March, we launched new basics posts and updated our existing posts, creating what we call “The basics of everything.” We’ve just updated them all again:

We hope to add to this list as new issues arise.