Newly minted deputy chancellor for English language learners Milady Baez said Wednesday that the city’s overhaul of school support would help schools better serve those students.

Baez, whose promotion was announced moments before the meeting of the City Council education committee, told council members about a number of new initiatives that together offer a clearer picture of her department’s work so far.

Here are a few of the plans she mentioned:

  • The department will analyze enrollment data, alongside the newly empowered superintendents, to identify schools serving a large number of English language learners of the same language group who may not have been offered comprehensive bilingual services.
  • Under the new school-support structure, the work of supporting schools will fall to district superintendents’ offices and larger borough field support centers. Baez reiterated that each of the new borough centers will be have an English language learners expert who will act as a bridge between the Department of Education and school principals and teachers.
  • The city will be releasing new guidance for high schools that will include best practices for developing instructional programs for English learners.
  • The department plans to provide college preparation guides to parents in languages other than English.
  • The department also launched a Saturday college prep program in January to help English language learners develop academic English, prepare for the SAT, and navigate college choices.

The new initiatives are “setting the stage for improved social, emotional and academic outcomes so that all ELLs will be college and career ready upon leaving the New York City school system,” Baez said.