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New Race to Top idea surfaces
By Todd Engdahl
August 27, 2009
Proposed budget cuts spare education
By Todd Engdahl
August 18, 2009
Fiscal health of districts analyzed
By Todd Engdahl
August 17, 2009

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SBE finally makes up mind on passing time
By Todd Engdahl
August 12, 2009
Time to cut dear old CU loose?
By Todd Engdahl
July 29, 2009
BEST board approves $127.4 million
By Todd Engdahl
July 23, 2009
First charter gets BEST money
By Todd Engdahl
July 22, 2009
Higher ed budget back in play
By Todd Engdahl
July 9, 2009
A big CAP4K task is finished
By Todd Engdahl
June 30, 2009
Beginning of the end for A23?
By Todd Engdahl
June 29, 2009