Public comment on the exemption frequency rule

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“As a pediatrician in Colorado Springs‚ I strongly support the passing of the above bill. As a military wife and civilian pediatrician‚ I have practiced throughout the country. In each of my other practice locations‚ it has been far more difficult to implement a Personal Belief Exemption. It has been a tremendous shock to learn how simple a PBE is to implement here in Colorado.”

—Hillary Murnane Stamp‚ Colorado Springs

“Parents' attitudes and perceptions may change over time and requiring a one-time vaccination exemption may not accurately reflect a parent's current sentiment. An annual requirement for exemption will provide parents a reminder and an opportunity to safeguard their children from vaccine preventable diseases.”

—Buck Stroh‚ superintendent‚ Creede School District

"CDPHE's proposed changes continue to respect the rights of parents to make decisions for their families and respect the rights of parents to know the level of risk of the environments in which they put their children. We strongly urge the Colorado Board of Health to adopt these rules as they have been proposed to better protect Colorado children and communities.”

—Rahn Porter‚ Interim CEO and President‚ Colorado Health Foundation

"While there are a limited, but very vocal group of citizens in our community who choose not to accept the scientific and medical studies to show the safety and necessity of such recommendations pertaining to vaccines, I believe you will see the logical and well-grounded rationale in making the above amendments to the Colorado Board of Health rule 6 CCR 1009-2.”

—Bryce Andersen‚ Immunization and Core Public Health Nurse Manager‚ Tri-County Health Department